Lightspeed Systems Offers Solution for MP3 Overload

Network traffic management tools supplier Lightspeed Systems said it has
developed a
pre-configured bandwidth management solution for college campuses dealing
with a surge in bandwidth usage thanks to the download popularity of MP3
music files.

Colleges and universities have recently been reporting system overloads
because of increasing use of Napster, a popular online file-sharing
(download) program that includes chat and an audio player. The Napster app
has shaken the music business to its foundations and prompted music industry

For campuses that need to strictly limit or prioritize network usage by
application or person, Lightspeed said its product suite “is the first to
offer powerful network traffic management functions with true drag-and-drop
configuration.” With QoS Control for e-Business, usage of such programs as
Napster does not have to be completely blocked,
but can limited in a number of ways, including a fixed amount of the school’s
overall bandwidth; usage only during certain times of the day; and a maximum
bandwidth allotment per person.

“The explosive growth of IP traffic has stretched the performance
capabilities and resources of today’s campus networks to the limit, and this
impedes availability and access to network systems that are critical
components for academic success,” said Rob McCarthy, chief executive officer and founder of
Lightspeed Systems.

Lightspeed markets products including Traffic Control for e-Business, QoS
Control for e- Business and Server Control for e-Business. QoS Control for e-
business is priced at $3,495. Traffic Control for e-business is priced at
$9,995. Server Control for
e-business is priced at $995.

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