LinkAGE Upgrades Asian Service

In order to support recent and future
acquisitions, PSINet’s Hong Kong
subsidiary, LinkAGE Online Ltd.,
has acquired an OC-3 ATM link to the Hong Kong Internet eXchange (HKIX) and
improved its links to Japan and Korea with a 4M and a T1 respectively.

“Growth in LinkAGE Online’s operations is greatly facilitated by a gateway
to the HKIX,” said Chin Man, the president of LinkAGE Online.

“Ownership of the OC-3 ATM and the related transmission technologies allows
LinkAGE Online to quickly take advantage of expected advances in
transmission speeds, bandwidth reliability, and quality,” continued Chin.

The OC-3 bandwidth provides transmission speeds of up to 155 megabits per
second (mbps).

According to LinkAGE, the provider’s sole ownership of the OC-3 is unique
while the other local ISPs have to share another OC-3 ATM.

The installation of the link will help support the LinkAGE’s aggressive
expansion campaign that resulted in the acquisition of four competitors in
the last four months of 1998, Huge
, Spider Net, Hong Kong Internet and Gateway Services and

The upgraded links to Korea and Japan will enhance PSINet’s regional
network and improve LinkAGE’s connectivity with other Asian PSINet
subsidiaries, including Japanese ISPs Rimnet Corp., Tokyo Internet Corp., Twics Co. Ltd. and PSINet Japan Inc. and Korean-based Inet Inc.

LinkAGE also operates a transpacific DS-3 ATM Internet backbone between the
United States and Hong Kong.

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