Look Rolls Out Low-Cost, High-Speed Wireless Net Access

Look Communications this
week rolled out Ultrafast Internet Service, its wireless high-speed Internet
service, to homes and businesses across Ontario.

The Ultrafast Internet Service is a 1.54 Mb wireless high-speed service
delivering speeds up to 100 times faster than a regular telephone modem.

The launch expands upon the service’s pilot availability in Toronto last
year. It is now available in Look’s complete coverage area in southern
Ontario. It will be introduced in Montreal this spring.

“The age of wireless Internet is here,” said David Parkes, President and CEO
of Look Communications. “Canadian Internet users are ready for a reliable,
cost-effective Ultrafast service.”

The service is delivered through the same wireless technology (Multipoint
Distribution System) that is used for Look’s digital television service.

An antenna, installed on the roof of the subscriber’s home, receives digital
signals from a local transmission tower via a dedicated wireless channel.
The data is then delivered to Look’s wireless modem and downloaded to the

That process is used to speedily download information from the Internet, and
a telephone hook-up provides the upload.

The service costs CAN$34.95 per month, or CAN$29.95 per month for subscribers to
Look’s digital television serviceless expensive than comparable cable modem
or telco services, representing a savings of up to CAN$10 per month over most

The Ultrafast service also provides up to 100 hours per month of free
dial-up roaming access.

In addition to Look’s Ultrafast Internet Service, the company offers
Internet Direct dial-up plans starting at CAN$9.99, customized connections to
the Internet through ISDN, Web site hosting, and e-commerce applications.

The company recently introduced their Internet Call Manager, enabling
Internet subscribers to monitor and manage incoming phone calls while

Look Communications is a Canadian company whose principal shareholders are
Telesystem, Teleglobe, CTV, Covington Wireless Communications, and GTC
Transcontinental Group.

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