MailMail Offers Not Just Mail But Fax and Data

Software Solutions launched MailMail, a Web-based communications product
that provides customers with access to their e-mail, fax and data files
from anywhere in the world.

In effect, MailMail users get their own virtual computing desktop which is
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alex Rassey, VP of marketing for ISS, said: “MailMail saves customers an
enormous amount of time and money because it allows them to continue to be
productive wherever they are–in the home, the office, a hotel or an airport.
And, unlike other services, MailMail doesn’t bombard users with advertising

MailMail’s user interface can be customized for Internet Service Providers,
allowing them to expand their service offerings and give them a distinctive
identity. To add MailMail, an ISP needs no additional hardware or software.

MailMail’s advanced email features include private folders, an address book
and file attachment support. Users may view just the email headers and
decide if they wish to download the entire message, save it, or delete it. As
part of the service, MailMail also incorporates a graphical fax system for
global faxing at competitive rates.

Using the vendor’s Infonet World Network, MailMail goes beyond
Internet-only fax services but still maintains low rates because of local
access in more than 180 countries. Finally, MailMail’s information
foldering system allows the user to place documents including Word files,
Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on the MailMail server.

MailMail’s fax capability is already available, and the email and foldering
capabilities will be ready in April 1998. The product is being marketed to
ISPs, with prices starting at $100,000 for a server license. It is
estimated that
end-users will pay around $4.95 per user, per month, plus fax charges.

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