Major Hong Kong Bus Co Gets KRONE PremisNET

Kowloon Motor Bus is using KRONE’s PremisNET structured cabling
system to support its network infrastructure at its bus maintenance and
service depots in Hong Kong.

“As more personal computers have been added to the network, the demand for
reliability and traffic volume has increased significantly,” said Tommy
Leung, IT manager of KMB.

“KMB needed a new structured cabling system that not only gives us more
flexibility and reliability, but will also enhance network performance so
that new
application systems can be installed in future,” added Leung.

A transport logistics system for 2.8 million passengers, 400 bus routes,
and 3,800 bused will be supported by the PremisNET Bronze solution.

“KMB now has a structured cabling system with plenty of headroom for future
IT applications and network growth,” said Luke Mitchell, managing director
of KRONE Communications Ltd.

“With a 20-year warranty on the PremisNET
system, and our IDC termination method which ensures reliability and
durability, KMB has precisely what it requires in its maintenance centers,”
commented Mitchell.

The new structured cabling system is running at 100 Mbps on Cat 5
unshielded twisted pair and fiber optic cable with 64 Intermediate
Distribution Frames (IDF) and 10 Main Distribution Frames (MDF) to support
the cables for data and voice.

Established in Hong Kong in 1984, KRONE Communications Ltd. is a subsidiary
of KRONE Group, a large connectivity and communication
solutions provider headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

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