McKinsey Demonstrates its Internet Savoir-Faire

Business consultancy McKinsey France has announced the launch of
@McKinsey, a venture which will specialize in developing Internet projects.

According to McKinsey, its online activity is likely to become more strategically important to the firm in the next year.

Addressing a question on McKinsley France’s place in the online world, Djelic says that it
is like the “French part of an international puzzle, which happen to be
flexible and reactive, and which can be applied to big societies as well as

The company’s French online branch today works with projects estimated at t total cost of around $1.7 million. The company projects that, following the current rate of activity, its Internet works should represent $33.3 million of its business in the next year.

“It’s been 2 years since we started to work on significant Internet
projects; we are not at our first try. We created @McKinsey in order to make
our online services official,” says Bozidar Djelic, associated manager of McKinsey France.

McKinsey has been present in France since 1964 and has a roster of 30 consultants across the
country. The company announced a turnover of about 800 million francs for
this year. Compared to the thousands of consultants at Cap Gemini Consulting or Bossard Consultants, the structure is fairly small, but this does not
prevent it to have its own savoir-faire, according to McKinsey.

“We do not set up a barrier between
our offline and our online job. We work with very touchy subjects and
evaluate independantly the most suited solutions to every situation,” says

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