Mercury Interactive Unveils Icon-Based E-Business Test Tool

Mercury Interactive Corp. (Sunnyvale,
CA) says its new icon-based test tool, Astra QuickTest, can test any
e-business or web-based transaction.
Astra QuickTest captures business processes into a visual map and
automatically generates data driven tests. A single test can be used to
the business functionality and the scalability of e-business applications.

“Businesses are launching dynamic, mission-critical, e-business
web applications in growing numbers and these applications change on a daily
basis,” said Dan Schoenbaum, Mercury Interactive’s e-business product
manager. “Astra QuickTest simplifies and accelerates the testing process so
problems are discovered and can be corrected before the world sees them or
before business is lost.”

With Astra QuickTest, the user does not need to create a test script. The user
simply specifies a URL to start recording and the test is automatically
generated. All actions are shown graphically in the browser interface in a
collapsible icon-based test tree. When an action has been captured it is easy
to create multiple test cases using an Excel-like spreadsheet.

Other products in the Astra range include Astra SiteManager (a
comprehensive web site management tool) and Astra SiteTest (a load and
stress testing tool for web applications).

Astra QuickTest for Windows 95 and NT will ship by the end of July, with a
suggested retail price of $3,995.

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