Microsoft to Spend Lavishly on Windows Phone 7

This time Microsoft is determined to get it right. Company executives have acknowledged past missteps in the mobile arena, but with the upcoming launch of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft could spend billions of dollars on marketing and a host of other

In addition to the estimated $400 million marketing budget, Microsoft plans to spend heavily to compensate device makers and application developers as it hopes to capture market share for Windows Phone 7 from incumbent heavyweights like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. Enterprise Mobile Today has the details.

Microsoft wants to convince the world that it is serious about making a successful entry into the already-crowded smartphone arena — so serious that CEO Steve Ballmer is apparently planning to spend $400 million of Microsoft’s budget just on marketing the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 devices at launch.

And that’s not the half of it, according to Deutsche Bank telecommunications analyst Jonathan Goldberg.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Microsoft to Spend ‘Billions’ on Windows Phone 7?

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