Microsoft Unveils Windows Media Player 7

Microsoft Corp. Monday rolled out
Windows Media Player 7, enabling playback of CD audio, streaming and
downloaded audio and video, jukebox capabilities for CD recording, media
management, and Internet radio and including a redesigned and unified user
interface for common digital media activities.

Available in a preview release for technical evaluators and software
developers, Windows Media Player 7 features:

  • Unified player — playback of streamed and downloadable digital audio,
    video and Internet radio content is possible

  • CD playback and digital recording — Jukebox functionality enables
    users to play or copy an entire CD to their PC in just a few minutes
    with a single click

  • Enhanced media library — users can customize, manage and store
    streamed and downloaded audio, video and radio in a single place

  • Media guide — users can search, find, download and play audio
    and video content on the Web with the integrated
    audio-video guide

“Consumers have told us that they need an easier way to embrace the multiple
forms of digital media on their PCs today,” said Will Poole, vice president
of the digital media division at Microsoft (MSFT). “Windows Media Player 7 is
designed to bring these activities together into one unified place, and make
digital audio and video an easy-to-use experience for PC users of all

The Windows Media Player 7 Technology Preview for software developers and
technical evaluators is available for download now

Microsoft’s latest upgrade to jukebox capability is part of a move to catch up to RealNetworks — the leading mulitmedia provider. The two companies have been jousting for supremacy in this field for a few years.

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