Mitercom Signs Prospectus for Web-Activated Customer Service

[Ottawa, CANADA] Mitercom has contracted Prospectus Group to develop
a Web-Activated Telecom Services Portal for managing the needs of
large corporate accounts for telecommunications companies across
North America.

The Web portion of the portal will be based upon Prospectus’
nTelligence technology that will allow real-time activation of
Mitercom’s own Speech Enabled Voice Response Services.

Telecom carriers and their clients will have real-time configuration
and control capabilities with the option to access their corporate
account information online or through any telephone or cellular phone.

Both companies reported that a large telecom company — yet to be
disclosed — has already commissioned a license for the service to
manage the needs of its business customers.

“We are developing a suite of speech enabled applications that offer
Web activation and management,” said Michael Traynor, Mitercom

“As a result, innovative services can be delivered at a fraction of
the cost in real-time. By speeding up the sales cycle, we can
activate new customers in minutes instead of weeks, helping our
clients to meet their financial objectives.”

Traynor said that Mitercom chose Prospectus’ nTelligence based upon
its ability to handle the large volumes of customer inquiries and
account profiles required by its Web-Activated Telecom Services.

The current announcement follows news released on July 8, 2000 saying
that the companies had signed a Memorandum of Understanding to add
Voice Web capabilities to the nTelligence platform.

With the incorporation of Mitercom’s technology, telephone and
cellular users of products based on the nTelligence Web or Wireless
platform now have the option to simply speak with their own voice to
access Web-based information.

Voice Web is not new (See, for example,
Plans to Bring E-Commerce to the Telephone, October 13, 1998

Motorola Speaks a New Language, September 30, 1998)
but obviously
moving more into the e-commerce mainstream all the time. Considering
the wireless trend, “Look ma — no wires, no mouse!” seems one Web
access paradigm for the future.

Mitercom is an Ottawa-based company that develops and hosts speech
recognition and Voice Web technologies to deliver customized business
solutions. Prospectus Group (CDNX: PSE) develops middleware for the
Web, Wireless, and Voice transmission of business information.

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