Mobile Devices, Apps Will Explode in 2011: IDC

Mobile devices, applications, social media and cloud services will combine to create the next dominant computing platform, according the latest report from IT research firm IDC.

As Enterprise Mobile Today reports, IDC predicts sales of mobile devices including smartphones and tablet PCs like the iPad will outpace PC sales within in 18 months and developers will churn out more than 25 billion mobile apps next year, up from 10 billion in 2010.

“Over time, the still-emerging apps ecosystems promise to fundamentally restructure the channels for all digital content and services to consumers,” IDC said in its report.

If you think the growth and impact of mobile devices on the IT scene has been a wild ride so far, just wait and see what lies ahead in 2011.

Research firm IDC is forecasting big changes in the year ahead including a plethora of new devices and huge expansion of mobile devices. In concert with that growth, IDC expects mobile device shipments will surpass PCs in the next 18 months.

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Mobile Apps Will Heat Up to Staggering Levels in 2011: IDC

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