Mozilla 2009 Revenues Soar 34% to $104M

For a company that gives away its core product, Mozilla’s balance sheet is looking pretty good. The open source company unveiled its annual report on Thursday, disclosing revenues of $104 million in 2009, a 34 percent jump over the previous year.

But as revenues rise, so too do expenses, particularly the costs associated with maintaining the Mozilla Foundation. The firm saw its expenses rise almost apace with its revenues, at a time of intensifying competition in the browser space. Datamation has the story.

It’s often easy to forget that even though Mozilla gives away its flagship product, the Firefox web browser, Mozilla itself still generates millions in revenues from Firefox usage.

Mozilla today publicly released its financial statements for 2009, reporting $104 million in revenue for the year. The 2009 revenue tally is a 34 percent increase over 2008, when Mozilla reported $78 million.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Mozilla Earns $104 Million

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