Net2Phone Introduces Phone-to-Phone over IP in UK

Internet telephony provider
Net2Phone Monday introduced an Internet Protocol-based
phone-to-phone service in the UK.

The new service, called Net2Phone Direct, is now available to both business and residential customers.

After the UK launch, Net2Phone says it will introduce similar
services to Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Australia,
and Japan in the coming months.

“Net2Phone has always prided itself on the ability to
capitalise on new opportunities, and offering international
phone-to-phone from the UK is an excellent way for Net2Phone
to expand our services, increase and diversify revenue,
and strengthen our customer base,” said David Greenblatt,
chief operating officer of Net2Phone.

Net2Phone Direct routes calls over its own private IP network,
and claims that as a consequence it provides better voice transmission
than systems that use the open Internet.

The private network
currently reaches 30 countries, with another 25 countries
to be added by the end of 2000.

Net2Phone says that its rates are on average half the cost
of traditional calling.

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