Netscape Announces Preview of Custom Netcenter

Communications Corp.
Monday launched a preview of Custom Netcenter, a
new service that allows businesses to create their own Internet portals.

The service combines portal content and services with company-specific
software, allowing businesses to deliver customized information to their
clients, customers and partners.

Custom Netcenter allows businesses to deliver news, free e-mail and stock
quotes. The service can be customized to meet specific market needs or
deliver information to a specific customer or partner.

“Custom Netcenter represents the next wave of portal technology because it
provides a new platform that empowers businesses to deliver the products and
services that their consumers care about and need,” said Mike Homer,
executive vice president and general manager of Netscape’s Netcenter division.

Several top-name companies are previewing the offering including The Coca-Cola Co., Lucent Technologies Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc..

In conjunction with Custom Netcenter, Netscape is releasing the Custom
Netcenter Software Developer Kit, which allows businesses to link
applications with their customized portals.

Custom Netcenter will cost businesses between $3 and $10 per user annually.
The new service will support all of Netscape’s enterprise software and
solutions, including the new BillerXpert and TradingXpert software.

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