Netscape Woos Chinese Market with Content, Browser

Netscape Communications Thursday
redesigned its Chinese Netcenter portals with new localized content and
released its new Chinese language browser.

The two versions consist of a simplified Chinese language version for
mainland China portal and traditional Chinese characters for the Taiwan and
Hong Kong portal.

Netscape partnered with China Internet Corp. (CIC) to content for the
portals, featuring sections on business, computing, entertainment, finance,
news, shopping, sports and travel.

“Netscape is well positioned to work with local partners to share in the
growth of the Internet in China,” said Linda Lawrence, vice president of
International Netcenter. “The fact that Netscape was the first
global portal in China demonstrates our commitment to the development of
China’s Internet industry.”

The Netscape Communicator 4.51 browser is available in simplified and
traditional Chinese. Its source code available to the developer community
in China.

According to a recent Advanced Forecasting-HuiCong survey, 60
percent of Chinese households use Netscape Communicator.

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