New York Expands eBay Probe

New York City officials have expanded their probe of
online auction site eBay and are now
looking at more than just sports memorabilia.

Earlier this week, New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs began
investigating allegations that autographs and other sports memorabilia
being sold on the auction site were fake. That probe has now reportedly
expanded into sales of china, porcelain and ceramics, according to the
New York Post.

Since the probe began, eBay has insisted it is not responsible for any fake
merchandise because it is merely the middleman. The company recently
stepped up its efforts to stop fraud.

Authorities believe eBay bears some responsibility because it receives a
commission from every sale. Officials are also investigating claims from a
porcelain expert who said eBay brushed off his complaints that fraudulent
items were being sold there.

EBay has declined to specifically comment on New York’s investigation, but
late Thursday the company promised to work with law enforcement and other
officials investigating the fraud complaints.

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