Newsweek Finally Gets on the Net

After a noticeable absence from the Internet, Newsweek magazine this week
launched its Web site.

The news magazine, which has appeared on America Online since 1994, on
Sunday started to offer the weekly contents of its domestic print
publication, as well as cover stories from international editions, on the
Web site.

Features on technology, Washington, people, and the world will be updated
daily, and news will be posted as it breaks. The site will include a Web
guide that rates the value of other sites and a gallery of photo essays by
the staff of Newsweek and The Washington Post.

As a subsidiary of the Washington Post Co., the Newsweek site will
use content provided by the daily newspaper and its Web site.

“There’s a perception that everyone has Reuters or AP. I like to joke that
even Home Depot has AP on its site,” said Michael Rogers, vice president of
Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, referring to the Associated Press and
Reuters news wire services used by scores of sites. has established a partnership with Encyclopaedia Britannica to
provide background information on selected topics.

The site will rely on advertising for its revenue, according to Rogers.

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