NSI Wants More E-Business

Network Solutions Inc. Tuesday unveiled a Web site to help businesses stake a claim on the Internet.

Dotcom.com is designed to guide
companies in e-enabling themselves and conducting business on the Internet,
said company officials.

“Urban myths abound regarding the health and welfare of the new economy,”
said Doug Wolford, senior vice president and general manager, NSI. “With
insight from dotcom.com, businesses and others, whether new to the Web or
old hand, will benefit from knowing what is
actually happening on the Net.”

Survies were conducted among NSI membership to determine what makes a Web
site successful, according to Wolford.

“This behavioral data combined with our raw data provides
future online businesses with a road map to build a successful, effective,
and long-lasting Web site based on lessons learned from their predecessors,”
he said.

The site will feature frequently updated information, such as what
people are doing with domains six months to a year after registration; what
to expect when launching your Web site; and case-studies of online

Dotcom.com will also feature NSI’s dot com directory; stock
quotes, cartoons and daily news alerts.

NSI is a subsidiary of VeriSign Inc., a provider of
Internet trust services for e-commerce. To date, NSI has registered 11.8
domain names.

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