Number of Czechs Using Internet Reached 20 Percent of Population

[Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC] The number of Czechs with access to the
Internet increased in the third quarter, with almost 20 percent of
the population between 12 and 79 years having access to the Internet, a
poll showed on November 15.

Conducted by the public opinion research firms GfK, Taylor Nelson Sofresb and STEM/Mark,
the poll showed the number of Czechs using the Internet grew to 1.7 million. Out of
the 1.7 million people, 1.4 million said they used the Internet at least several
times a month. Among 16-19 year olds,
half said they had experience with the Web. Most of the
respondents use e-mail services, followed by those who use the Web to search
for personal issues and work-related data and information. Due
to the various research techniques, the results of different polls and
research are usually incomparable, but the growth trend is clear: the
highest estimates published a year ago showed the number at about 1 million

An the same time, the Czech Center for Electronic Commerce published another
round of its periodical survey of Czech Internet users. According to
this survey, based on a sample of 7,700 respondents, 78.1 percent are male,
the average age is 29.9, 37 percent have a university degree, 41 percent
have finished high school, and 50 percent of them vote for right-wing
political parties. About 50 percent of Czech Internet users live on average
monthly income lower than CZK 20.000 (approx. US $500), which means they spend
from one twentieth to one tenth of their income on Internet access – unless
they are connected at work. However, 63 percent of respondents claim they use
the Internet also at home and more than 20 percent only at home.

Most of Czech Internet users live in large cities, almost 24 percent in
Prague, and another 8 percent in the second largest city Brno.

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