Object Insight Announces New Object Modeling Tool

announced Javision, an object modeling tool designed to enable
Java programmers to shorten development time by making
code more manageable and accessible for re-use.

The vendor said that by using Javision, developers can instantly visualize
the structure of their code
and create a visual blueprint.

“A major obstacle to successful Java development is the lack of a good
code/design iterative development
lifecycle,” said Ron Suarez, president of Object Insight, said. “Good
design requires visualization and filtering tools that can provide
control over the life of a Java project and aid in understanding and
documenting the complexity of multiple class libraries and beans.”

“For $99, developers are empowered to visualize their
entire application by reverse engineering object models from code,” added
Suarez. “This
visualization then stimulates thinking about changes that can be made in a
pop-up source code editor and compiled, while remaining in a diagram view.”

Javision addresses the need for better code documentation and uses a single
notation system, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), which is now an
industry standard. Developers can edit source code from a pop-up editor for
any class in a diagram, following an interactive code/design lifecyle. The
vendor said that the iterative process–of design, prototype, develop, test,
and deploy–can be shortened substantially by using the software.

Developers can obtain Javision for Window 95 and NT on a 30-day “try
before you buy” basis, and subsequently purchase the product for $99.

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