OnHealth Fattens Up Infoseek

In a move to augment its Health channel, Infoseek Corp. today added the services of the OnHealth Network Company.

Under terms of the agreement reached in July, OnHealth.com will act as a primary health content partner for Infoseek. The portal site will feature OnHealth.com’s services, including the Personal Health Tracker, Daily News Briefs, health tips, consumer-based polls, In-Depth Reports, columns, resource area links and City Health Guides. Links to OnHealth’s site are
found on the
Health Channel, as well as many health-related sub-categories.

“The tremendous amount of valuable health and fitness information on the
Web gives individuals the opportunity to make more informed decisions than
ever before,” said Ned Desmond, vice president of content and editorial at
Infoseek. “That’s why we’re very pleased to direct our users to
OnHealth.com’s award-winning information and services.”

OnHealth.com also recently signed content agreements with other sites
including GeoCities, MindSpring, and Planet Direct.

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