OotleWorks Releases WebToDo 98

OotleWorks Software based in Palo Alto, CA, has released WebToDo 98, describing it as “a groundbreaking task-management solution for small businesses and workgroups.”

WebToDo 98 is designed to increase workplace productivity by enabling
employees to enter, re-assign, and summarize unfinished tasks, using just a
web browser interface. A server-based package, it includes a powerful
search engine, reporting tools, e-mail notification and built-in security.

“Small businesses can’t afford custom web applications, even though they
can use the web most
effectively,” said Al Lieb, CEO and co-founder of OotleWorks and a recent
graduate of
Stanford University’s Computer Science department. “WebToDo 98, an
off-the-shelf solution, delivers the power of Web collaboration to even the
smallest of companies.”

WebToDo 98’s search engine allows employees to find “ToDos” that match
their search criteria, while its reporting tools summarize each person’s
assigned hours and displays a ToDo calendar for every employee. It runs on
Windows 95 and NT 4.0 operating environments and supports Netscape
Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 3 or later on all major
platforms. Pricing for WebToDo 98 starts at $199.

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