Optus Joins in Global Web Trading Venture

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Cable & Wireless Optus (CWO) has
joined Commerce One and 22 other
global firms in the creation of a Global Trading Web Association (GTW
Association), a common B2B trading platform.

Optus said the GTW Association is the world’s first commercial,
international organization focused on the commercial development and
expansion of international business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce.

CWO will work with members of the GTW Association to promote secure
international trade in goods and services as an alternative to traditional,
‘old economy’ commerce.

The Association will create rules, standards, guidelines, policies and
processes to enable seamless buying and selling globally over the Web.

In Australia, CWO said it will represent the interests of Australian
businesses as the online environment breaks down traditional boundaries.

“Only a uniform, open platform allows business – buyers and suppliers –
to get maximum cost saving benefits and efficiencies from international
electronic trade,” said CWO’s director of e-solutions David

CWO MarketSite, the online B2B marketplace created by CWO, will be
connected to the Global Trading Web, allowing Australian and New Zealand
businesses to sells goods online to overseas markets as well as sourcing
goods from overseas.

“Not only will Australian and New Zealand suppliers have their goods
available online to international markets, but the GTW Association will
create and international trading directory to allow them to reach new
buyers,” Stokes-McKeon said.

“A common trading platform will allow purchase orders to be sent and
received seamlessly around the world,” he said.

Other businesses participating in the exchange include Citibank, Deutsche
Telecom, NTT Communications, Toronto Dominion Bank and Energy Exchange

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