Oratrix GRiNS for SMIL

Oratrix Development BV has just released GRiNS for SMIL V1.0, an authoring
and presentation system for local and streaming media on the Web.

GRiNS/SMIL allows content providers to create adaptive multimedia productions
that tailor content to the needs and resources of the user community. Working
together with RealNetworks’ RealSystem G2, GRiNS provides access to the full
capabilities of the SMIL language on Windows, Macintosh and UNIX systems.

Users on all these platforms can design multimedia presentations with
adaptive content. Presentations can be made that not only adjust for
bandwidth constraints, but also for language (for example, English and
Spanish), or media type (text, image or video). The system’s ability to
create adaptive presentations is intended open up new value-added markets by
allowing authors to tailor their content to the needs and resources of their

GRiNS/SMIL was developed by Oratrix Development BV, an Amsterdam-based
spin-off of CWI, the Dutch national center for mathematics and computer
science. Oratrix Development is winner of the McKinsey & Co. “New Venture”
award and has been selected by the Twinning Venture Capital Network in the

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