Outblaze Implements New Anti-Spam Measure

Hong Kong-based instant portal developer Outblaze Limited has added new “Anti-Spam” features to its entire network of partner sites in order to minimize the expanding problem of unsolicited e-mail.

“The problem with spam is often bilateral,” said Yat Siu, CTO and vice president of Outblaze. “One batch of spam could clog a network until the messages are delivered to their recipients, but then the recipients themselves apply stress to the network as they register complaints, lash
back at the spammer, or try to remove themselves from the spammer’s mailing list.”

“When developing our Anti-spam features we had to find a solution that
was effective, but that wouldn’t put undue stress on networks and systems,” adds Siu. “We also had to focus on the common Internet problem of anonymity.”

According to Siu, Outblaze has developed Anti-spam features that collect reports of spammers, and keep active and detailed logs of the spam’s origin (including history, trace route, ISP, location, evidence).

The company says it will terminate spammers’ accounts on
Outblaze and make efforts to terminate the perpetrator’s accounts on the access side (via the spammer’s ISP).

“This is a pioneering move,” said Siu. “We are among the first commercial
entities to allocate staff, finances, and other resources to deal
exclusively with spam. Outblaze is dedicated to remo

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