Overcoming the Telecom Madness

At first, you might wonder why Seattle-based Telicor calls its Network Operations Center (NOC) a CNRC (Customer Network Response Center). But after finding out that many of the company’s employees are former Nordstrom IT managers, things begin to make a lot more sense.

The one-year old company apparently is making a lot of IT Managers happy with its unified telecommunications technology platform. Telicor, whose typical client is a medium sized business with about five regional offices, helps companies out with everything from negotiating rate deals and billing to monitoring the network and fixing broken routers.

As companies rely on an increasingly complex telecom infrastructure ranging from long distance services to
wireless, telecom management is getting more cumbersome and expensive. In fact, Yankee analysts say 72 percent of mid-tier businesses are looking for help to minimize the burden on IT and administrative staff.

Telicor’s Unified InfoBill is a perfect example of how things can be made a lot simpler. The Unified InfoBill
is a single Web-enabled invoice that spans multiple providers, services and geographic locations, with detailed cost and usage reporting. That way, a company receives just one bill instead of multiple bills.

One of Telicor’s clients includes hi-tech PR firm WaveRock. According to WaveRock CEO Ryan Wilson, another key benefit of using Telicor is that now, if a system goes down, he just has to make one phone call to get things taken care of. Even better, sometimes its Wilson that gets the call from his Telicor advisor to let him know that a problem was fixed before WaveRock’s system was even affected.

According to Telicor CTO John Fleming, Telicor doesn’t just help companies make the best of their current telecom systems. Telicor also advises companies on the latest technologies and how a company can integrate the latest systems into their network. Fleming notes that his company basically looks out for its clients telecom interests…so that the client’s IT manager can focus on his/her core competencies.

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