OzEmail Launches Regional Ad Serving Service

Leading Australian independent ISP OzEmail has
unveiled a new regional ad serving product for online advertising campaigns.

To be initially trialed in Sydney and Melbourne, the new ad
serving technology will enable localised advertisements to be served to
customers in specific regions and cities.

OzEmail chief executive officer David Spence, said the technology enable
advertisers to tailor their ads to meet the needs of consumers in different

He gave for example of an entrepreneurial panel beater wanting to
assist hail-beaten Sydney cars owners, who can use this technology as a unique
opportunity to advertise to Sydney drivers.

“Advertisers want three things — reach, frequency and a return on their
investment. Unlike other advertising mediums, online campaigns are
entirely measurable,” added Spence.

He said OzEmail anticipates that the new regional ad serving technology
will “add real value to online campaigns, increasing the advertiser’s
reach, campaign performance and reducing wastage.”

Following this trial, OzEmail expects to roll out the technology to all its
subsidiary companies, including South Australia’s Camtech and Brisbane’s
Power Up, over the next couple of months.

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