PayWare Net 2.0 Provides Secure Online Payments

TrinTech Group this week released an update to its PayWare Net online payment application designed for medium and large eMerchants.

Version 2.0 features an ERP interface compatible with most major storefront tools, as well as offline batch payment authorization, database and reporting functions, and a Shipping/Tracking Integration interface. The program is based on Windows NT server, with a Solaris version set to be released later in the year.

“The new version of PayWare enables e-commerce merchants to begin processing payment transactions quickly and the solution scales with increased merchant demand,” said John McGuire, TrinTech CEO.

The latest version of the product is now compatible with the Visa USA Internet Gateway, and includes additional secure transaction capabilities such as end-to-end SSL, Certless SET and merchant originated SET. For compatibility, PayWare Net sports an open API for integration with multiple merchant storefront packages.

The Windows NT version of PayWare Net 2.0 is expected to begin shipping in September, with the Solaris 2.6 version due by the end of the year.

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