PeakSoft Upgrades PeakJet With Java Technology

Bellingham, WA-based PeakSoft upgraded its PeakJet web browsing
accelerator by adding new features plus a Java Runtime Environment which
includes Symantec’s JIT compiler.

The new product, called PeakJet 2000,
also has an enhanced graphical user interface and additional user

“Although ADSL and ISDN high speed connections are high on the end-user’s
‘wish list’, we’re
facing some significant delays in any kind of widespread affordable
of high-speed Internet connections, said Doug Foster, president and CEO of
“PeakJet 1.5 found a market with Internet
early adopters and we believe there is a growing demand and awareness of
web browsing accelerators in the mainstream market.”

PeakJet 2000 accelerates web browsing by using look-ahead and
auto-freshening agents, intelligent cache management, and better
utilization of
the modem’s capacity. The vendor says that streamlined cache design and
improvements in Java technology have brought an increase in browsing speed
of at least double – and sometimes up to ten times faster – compared to
PeakJet 1.5.

The suggested retail price of PeakJet 2000 is $39.95. This currently includes
two CBT Systems training programs, “Searching the Internet,” and
“Understanding and Using Newsgroups,” a $200 value at no extra cost.

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