Pegasus JPEG Wizard Will Optimize Web Graphics

Pegasus Imaging announced new vendor-hosted software that can be used to optimize JPEG images.

In a recent survey of JPEG images on the Internet, the vendor found that many of them were under-compressed–sometimes by as much as 300 percent. A visit to can detect potential problems, the vendor said.

“It is really surprising how many expert Web designers have not tapped the full potential of JPEG images,” said Jack Berlin, president of Pegasus Imaging. “Many graphic designers make the mistake of using only Photoshop to create their JPEG images and many others make the mistake of equating JPEG to GIF.”

“Photoshop does not do a good job with JPEG compression and JPEG has many more parameters than GIF. The JPEG Wizard Web site is an excellent way for Web designers to streamline the images on their own site.”

At the JPEG Wizard site, users can submit an image for low, medium, and high
compression, and each one of these settings can be adjusted. Users can then
observe the effects on download time and image quality, and make a selection

The vendor also offers a commercial, general-purpose image editor and image
compressor named PICPress which uses the same technology employed by the
JPEG Wizard Web site.

For Photoshop users, PICPress for Photoshop is a useful plug-in that adds optimization functionality to the leading brand of illustration software.

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