Pelephone Delivers News to Cell Phones Via Net

Pelephone, one of the three largest cellular telephony
companies in Israel, has launched pele-news, an Internet information
service which delivers information on the Pelephone LCD display.

Customers can enter the new Pelephone site, redesigned for this new
service, and define areas of interest and frequency of information updates
to be received directly on their LCD display.

Among the areas of interest are news flashes, stock portfolio prices,
information on exchange rates and stock
market quotes, weather, sports, and tourism. The customer can, for
example, be signaled if a certain stock rises more than 5 points.

“Pelephone is leading the way
in the personal mobile information revolution in Israel and has put at
the customer’s fingertips (or palm, in this case) a world of content and
personal information,” said Yigal Bar Yosef, CEO of Pelephone.

The combination of Internet content and cellular
telephony is the cutting edge of the mobile information
revolution, says Bar Yosef.

This service is available on the Pelephone digital network only,
operating under the CDMA technology and will be offered free as of
September 1, according to the company.

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