Pen Input for Devices Invented

An Israeli company said Monday that it has
developed a pen-like product that enables writing
data into mobile devices such as handhelds and
wireless phones.

GOU Lite Ltd. said its Virtual Pen (Vpen) device
enables users to simply write text on any available
surface. It said the Vpen transmits the information
via a wireless Bluetooth link to the device.

The company said it expects the device to be
available within a year and is actively discussing
partnerships with mobile phone, handheld and
set-top box vendors.

“Twelve billion SMS messages are being sent
worldwide per month by punching buttons endlessly,”
said Gilad Lederer, GOU Lite’s chief executive officer.

“Imagine how
much this market could be increased if the cellular
operators were able to offer their customers the
most natural way of inputting text.”

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