Goes More Global

Formerly offering fee-based global PC-to-phone calls, Tuesday
opened up its calling range with a new system that allows users to connect
two phones from anywhere in the world.

Best known for its ability to enable long distance PC-to-phone calling or
PC-to-PC calls, the firm will direct its new Global WebOperator™
service through iDial Networks, an application service provider that focuses
on the latest in communications technology.

The service works similar to someone trying to use a live operator to make a
call. Members can visit the TalkShop communications store and
login with a Global WebOperator ID and password to initiate the call. The
Global WebOperator system will call both users’ phones and automatically
connect both parties at international rates that are cheaper than those of
traditional phone companies.

Jan Robert Horsfall, president and chief executive officer of,
said Tuesday’s move is in line with his firm’s strategy to offer customers
the opportunity to save money on their phone bills. He noted that Global
WebOperator phone allows people to call anywhere in the world with no
“access charges, hidden fees or surcharges.”

So how does make money then?

Because most of the firm’s revenue is generated from products, equipment,
and services, the firm can offer free PC-to-Phone calling to and within the
U.S., free PC-to-PC calling anywhere in the world and fee-based global
PC-to-Phone., which competes with Dialpad Inc. and giant Net2Phone in the
multimedia telecommunications space, is a portfolio company of eVentures
Group and is led by a group by former members of Lycos’ marketing team,
including Horsfall.

In October, made a major push by overhauling its Web site and releasing version 7.0 of its
multimedia communications software.

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