Skeeg Software Completes FluencyTest Project has learned that Redmond-based Skeeg Software ( has just completed its latest project: The FluencyTest project.

FluencyTest is the first tool designed specifically for Internet delivery of high-stakes, English language testing. The test uses custom audio and proprietary text content to provide fully validated English language testing. A custom browser designed around Internet Explorer 5, and the use of SSL, XML, and SQL7 insures test integrity, protection of client intellectual property, and scalability of the application.

According to Skeeg Software VP of Business Development Craig Pfaff, the project highlights months of careful design, intense project planning, and professional execution.

Pfaff notes that earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley brought both American Education Week and International Education Week to a close by acknowledging, “an emphasis on international education helps strengthen other aspects of domestic educationand many nations are learning about and emulating our higher education system.”

According to Pfaff, other nations can also emulate the enormous contributions by the U.S. private sector to corporate education. “Recently, several breakthroughs have been made regarding the accommodation of cross-cultural influences in multi-national corporations and the domestic U.S. workforce. Skeeg Software is proud to take the technology lead for one of those breakthroughs,” says Pfaff.

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