PointCast Expands to UK, Germany

“Push” broadcaster PointCast Inc. Monday extended its
service to the European market by launching new
editions of the PointCast Network for the UK and Germany.

The PointCast Network is a free Internet news service that broadcasts
personalized news and information directly to the user’s computer using the
Internet. Users select categories they want to follow and PointCast
automatically sends updated news throughout the day.

The UK and German editions join PointCast’s U.S., Canadian and
Japanese editions. The roster of European media partners includes The
Economist, ITN, the Press Association, Reuters, Berliner Morgenpost, Deutsche
Presse-Agentur, among others.

Separately, PointCast also announced an agreement with British
Telecommunications PLC for the UK edition. Under the terms of the
agreement, BT will be the sole charter sponsor and will provide
distribution through its BT Internet service. Financial terms were not

“We’ve forged alliances with premier content and distribution partners to
offer comprehensive, free Internet news services to Internet users in the
UK and Germany,” said Robert Sofman, senior vice president of marketing,
business development and international operations at PointCast. “These new
services will bring the same combination of rich, relevant personalized
content that has attracted large Internet audiences in the US, Canada and

The UK and German editions, based on version 2.6 of the US edition and
downloadable free today.

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