Practice Your Pitch at the E-Que

Looking for a chance to practice your pitch? One Portland networking event is giving you a chance to streamline your pitch and then stream it online.

Two Portland-based companies, Technoloft and JungleMedia, have teamed together to provide the PitchBox, an opportunity at E-Que events which will allow entrepreneurs to fine tune their “2-minute pitch” and have it presented online at the E-Que website.

“Portland still has an abundance of entrepreneurs with good ideas and fundable business plans,” said Aaron Judd, founder and CEO of Technoloft. “The PitchBox gives these entrepreneurs an excellent means to make their story available to the world. And, it’s fun!”

New technology companies will be able to reserve time at the monthly networking event, where JungleMedia will videotape their presentation, advise them on their content and technique, and provide Technoloft with the streaming media of the result for inclusion on the e-Que website.

“Many entrepreneurs and sales people rely on their ability to quickly capture the interest of their audience and plant a seed about the value they provide,” says Brian Groves, President of Jungle Media. “In a world that contains more distraction than ever, having a clear, crisp message is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.”

The PitchBox will debut at the next e-Que to be held on April 19 at the Oregon Sports Museum in downtown Portland.

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