Quadravision to Deliver Personalized Relationships

Quadravision, Internet site
developer for the North American financial sector, formed a
partnership with Cambridge, MA-based Open Sesame to
bring a new dimension of personalization to financial services firms.

Open Sesame’s learning agent technology “Learn Sesame” uses
patent-pending “post-neural” techniques to unobtrusively learn about the
interests of customers.

Learning agent technology is based on the actions a user takes within a
Web site, and adapts as his or her tastes change over time. The learned
interests can then be applied to make product recommendations, provide
personalized content, and target specific messages.

Quadravision will develop a complete solution and apply it to financial
products and services. For financial companies, that could include
moving individuals through a sales cycle.

The ability to match rich content with user attributes and behavior will
ultimately increase the value of the user experience. The ability to
learn and dynamically build profiles will help financial institutions
cross-sell more products online.

Quadravision is an Internet solutions provider to the North
American financial services industry that aims to integrate Internet
technology, user experience, and business strategy to bring a
comprehensive Internet solution to their customers. Quadravision’s “ME!”
software is one of the most widely used Internet relationship software
in the financial services sector.

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