Rackspace Barreleye OpenPOWER Server set to Power OpenStack

In July of 2015, Rackspace first started up its Barreleye servers, working together with partners Avago, IBM, Ingrasys, Mellanox, PMC and Samsung. The official specification for the Barreleye server were submitted to the Open Compute project in January and formally accepted in February 2016.

“The Barreleye platform consists of IBM POWER8 “Turismo” SCM (Single Chip Module) Processor with IBM Centaur Memory Buffers, with PCI-E Gen 3 integrated on chip,” the Open Compute Project specification states. “Barreleye uses OpenPOWER’s open source system firmware, made available under open source licensing schemes.”

The plan is to move Barreleye into Rackspace’s data center to help power the Rackspace Public Cloud powered by OpenStack.

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