VW Goes Big for OpenStack with Mirantis

OpenStack vendor Mirantis has scored a big win, landing automobile giant Volkswagen (VW) Group as a new cloud customer. VW will be using Mirantis OpenStack cloud technology across all of its brands including Audi, VW, Porsche, Bentley and Skoda to enable a more agile DevOps model for building applications that support customers and partners around the world.

The VW deal is particularly interesting in that it was a competitive one, involving multiple vendors, including Red Hat. It is also noteworthy in the extreme rigor that VW put on suppliers, that involved testing cloud operations across 67 different use-cases.

Full financials terms of the deal are not being publicly disclosed though Renski noted it’s a three-year deal with a value The Mirantis VW win is a three year deal that has a value well into the ‘7-figure’ range. The news of the big Mirantis OpenStack win comes a day before OpenStack milestone release of 2016 is set to debut, with OpenStack Mitaka.

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OpenStack Vendor Mirantis Scores Big Win With VW

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