Real Networks Teams Up with DreamWorks Pictures

RealNetworks, Inc. and DreamWorks Pictures today launched a new streaming video website to promote the Cameron Crowe film Almost Famous. The launch of the site coincides with the movies world premier of the film tonight at The Toronto International Film Festival.

The collaboration announced today represents the first time RealNetworks has partnered with a major motion picture studio to create, manage and maintain a streaming video website to promote the release of a new film.

“Through the Almost Famous website, RealNetworks and DreamWorks are bringing film promotion into the Internet age,” said Mark Hall, vice president, Media Publishing, RealNetworks, Inc. “We’re thrilled to help launch such a great film over such an exciting medium.”

RealNetworks is handling all design, editorial and streaming elements of the site, including the hosting of more than 25 individual streaming media components through RealNetworks’ Real Broadcast Network.

The Almost Famous website is an extension of RealNetworks’ site, whose “Top Ten Clicks” feature highlights the most popular movie trailers, films, routines, comedians, and even reviews by kids.

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