Eating Out at the Cutting Edge

RestaurantRow, an online service that
says it can help you make reservations at any of 110,000-plus restaurants in
7,000 cities, signed up to use new wireless technology from Livemind, which just
launched its Contextual Commerce (C2) Engine.

The C2 Engine matches revenue-generating products with personalized content to
facilitate transactions over the Web via any wireless device, Livemind said.
It also tracks and develops usage profiles on individuals making wireless

RestaurantRow said it will use the technology to offer its customers “the
convenience and instant satisfaction of making reservations and searching for
restaurants by cuisine type and location, while on the go.”

Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

“Livemind has enabled RestaurantRow to reach the wireless marketplace in a
simple, fast and cost-effective way,” said William Corbin, executive vice
president at RestaurantRow.

RestaurantRow joins as a Livemind-enabled e-tailer.

“Livemind’s C2 Engine has a strong value proposition for wireless players.
Many retailers are choosing to outsource the development of their wireless
commerce infrastructure to save money and increase time to market,” said
Karen Wilson, CEO of Livemind.

Livemind said its contextual commerce engine enables content developers,
aggregators and portals to gain revenue streams from the wireless commerce
market by charging merchants a fee to embed their goods and services within
relevant content.

C2 transforms traditional publisher content and Web
merchant products to mobile-appropriate content and products that are highly
personalized and targeted to end user’s interests.

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