Real Targets Pentium III Users With New G2

RealNetworks, Inc. Wednesday released a new version of its RealSystemG2 player designed specifically for the Pentium III processor.

The new Pentium III processor enhancements in RealSystem G2 include:

  • Enhancements to RealProducer G2, allowing more accurate video
    encoding and delivering improved visuals.

  • Enhancements to RealPlayer G2 offering enabling more efficient video
    decoding, increased processor headroom for rendering other
    visually rich data types such as vector graphics, still images, or 3D
    media types.

  • Availability of Fluid3D from OZ.COM, the streaming 3D media type
    for RealSystem G2.

“We’re pleased to announce our support for Intel’s Pentium III processor
and look forward to continuing to work with Intel to further accelerate the rapid adoption of streaming media on the Web,” said Len Jordan,
Real’s senior vice president of media systems.

“Intel is pleased to be working with RealNetworks to deliver an enhanced
Internet media experience,” said Stan Mo, Intel’s director of tools and technologies.

“The Pentium III processor combined with RealSystem G2 will allow content developers to deliver a faster, better quality multimedia experience.”

RealSystem G2 is a next-generation media delivery system for streaming
media for Internet and corporate intranets. It combines RealVideo G2, using Intel’s Streaming Web Video technology, RealAudio G2, SureStream transport technology and supports Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language(SMIL).

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