Replay Networks Inc. Receives $8 Million Investment

Palo Alto, CA-based Replay Networks Inc., which markets technology the
ReplayTV set-top device and the Replay Network Service, said that Kleiner
Perkins Caufield & Byers is the lead investor of a group investing some $8
million in the company.

Other investors are Vulcan Ventures Inc., the investment organization of Paul
G. Allen, and Tribune Co. Replay Networks board of directors, which
includes Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen and former Compaq senior
executive Kevin L. Bohren. Hearst was CEO for @Home Network, a high-speed
Internet access and consumer online service company after serving as editor
and publisher of the San Francisco Examiner from 1984 to 1995.

Replay Networks CEO Anthony Wood said he intends to guide Replay Networks to a
place in the Kleiner Perkins pantheon of companies that are household names.

“Consumer and industry response to ReplayTV has been incredible, and this
perfectly timed endorsement and infusion of cash adds to our momentum as we
lead the personal television revolution,” Wood said. “We chose Kleiner Perkins
because we wanted Will Hearst’s insight and expertise combined with the
leverage we’ll get as part of the Kleiner Perkins network of companies.”

By providing the TV listings and other data for the Replay Network Service
channel guide, Tribune has worked closely with the company for several months.
giving it a head start in understanding the impact of the technology, Wood

With the free Replay Network Service and ReplayTV’s digital-recording device,
viewers can easily create personalized, on-demand “Replay Channels.” These
channels can feature viewers’ favorite shows, themes or actors so they can
watch what they want, when they want. ReplayTV also lets consumers control
TV. Viewers can pause, rewind and then fast forward through shows.

ReplayTV will begin volume shipments in April, starting at $699. ReplayTV
customers will receive a free lifetime subscription to the Replay Network

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