Road Runner Taps BroadJump for Cable Support Systems

Road Runner Monday unleashed BroadJump Inc. support software live
on the Web to deploy a customized version of its subscriber management tools.

The deal is an extension Road Runner’s agreement in June to utilize
BroadJump’s installation programming and streamline new user cable modem

BroadJump’s Correct Connect programming automatically adjusts a subscriber
connection with Road Runner high-speed Internet services. The software
automatically compensates for the 30 most frequently requested support
issues, including typical functions for system monitoring, testing and repairs.

Road Runner made the move to automated support so that fewer field
technicians would need to be dispatched to set-up or repair a subscriber’s
cable connection. The firm anticipates that demands for live help desk
support will diminish as a result of the deal.

Dave Temlak, Road Runner vice president of customer care, said the
agreement leverages BroadJump’s technology so its subscribers may install
their own broadband service and readily manage their high-speed connections.

“With this tool, we can also send messages directly to our subscribers
notifying them about important network maintenance activities or industry
information such as software virus warnings,” Dave Temlak said.

“These specific customer support functions will help us to establish an
ongoing relationship with our subscribers and further expand a market
advantage,” Temlak added.

Road Runner worked closely with BroadJump’s technicians to customize and
configure the product for each of its high-speed data cable affiliates.

By deploying BroadJump’s technology, Road Runner can accelerate the
deployment its brand of cable broadband services.

Kip McClanahan, BroadJump president and chief executive officer said
Internet service providers, like Road Runner, are capturing market share by
ensuring subscriber satisfaction at start-up.

“These solutions create the foundation needed to secure the return on
investment,” McClanahan said. “That’s something all service providers are
seeking from deploying broadband services.”

Road Runner will also utilize BroadJump’s services group to train its
customer service representatives and develop Web-based educational support

Road Runner currently provides cable broadband services to more than
730,000 subscribers in the U.S. It added 180,000 new subscribers in the
first quarter and is pressing to capture its million subscriber mark this

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