Rogers Changes Name, Pricing For Internet Access

Rogers Cablesystems
announced changes to its high-speed Internet access product and a new name to reflect those changes.

Rogers WAVE is now officially [email protected]. Earlier this year, Rogers
announced an agreement with @Home Network in the U.S. in which the
companies joined forces to provide customers with a high-speed Internet
backbone, as well as unique content offerings.

At a speed reportedly up to one hundred times faster than typical dial-up
services, [email protected] said it offers almost instant access to popular sites
due to “caching,” technology that captures information from sites and
replicates it on local @Home servers.

With the most popular data located locally, [email protected] customers will see
increases in speeds for content requests made from the local @Home server,
the firm added.

To promote the changes, [email protected] is offering a special package that
waives the modem rental fee until the new generation of standardized cable
modems are readily available for sale, which is expected to happen in about
six months. The new modems will be interoperable, (i.e they can be used in
any North American cable company’s service area), unlike the proprietary
cable modems available today.

A new customer’s monthly pricing for the special package is $39.95.
Existing customers will also participate in the offer by having their modem
rental fees waived for the same period, the company stated.

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