Select Internet Stocks Pop

It’s blue-chip day as the Dow finds upside while the ISDEX and NASDAQ take a breather after surging in straight sessions to new highs. The moves now in Internet stocks look more targeted than even last week’s hurrah with a whole lot ‘a shaking going on in the merger space once again. Today’s snapshot:

  • Critical Path (NASDAQ:CPTH) continues its ascent as the outsource corporate email provider looks to secure a leading mindshare position in this evolving field. CPTH up more than 9% to $134.9875.
  • 24/7 (NASDAQ:TFSM) rockets 36% to $63.75 per share on an alliance with TechWave to produce marketing and ecommerce services. The inevitable migration of advertising into marketing, a better fit for the Web than one size fits all ad banners.
  • CyberCash (NASDAQ:CYCH) gets past the ‘Rodney Dangerfield’ of Internet stock aura as its shares shine up 39% to $21.125 per share as the virtual payment provider starts inking deals in the real world. One with Informix and the other with Intershop. One click buying is closer now than ever with CyberCash’s InstaBuy. Applause to CyberCash for staying in the game long enough to see some fruit from its ancient vision borne when the Internet and payments were oxymoronic in the same sentence.

  • (NASDAQ:XMCM) shoots up 17% to $94.125 after the direct-ecommerce community discloses it’s held talks to sell a majority stake in the firm. CBOE and Pacific Stock Exchange also say they plan on listing XMCM options.

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