Sessio Announces Real-Time Internet Communications Service

Sessio announced
iSession, a real-time Internet-based communications service that will start
on September 8.
It is designed to enable one-to-one and one-to-many collaboration and
communication from anywhere on the Internet, without special software. It
was used recently in a widely-reported Internet broadcast of open heart

“Until the introduction of iSession, using the Internet for real-time customer support and collaboration–with rich functionality like online dialog, white boarding, real-time audio and video, polling and presentations–has been complicated and expensive,” said Martin Rood, chairman of Sessio. “With just an Internet-connected browser, companies can use iSession to hold large and small meetings, talk to their customers, or even provide consulting and training services both internally and externally for just pennies per minute.”

The vendor sees wide-ranging benefits in using the iSession service, and
claimed that it requires no deployment, does not raise any complicated
standards or firewall issues, and can enable a company to cut the cost of
customer service by over 80 percent–while still maintaining one-to-one

iSession is intended to enable document sharing, HTML transfer, online polling and Web-touring, and supports both video and audio streaming. The user of iSession needs only a Java-compliant browser and access to the Internet. Live multi-user dialogue and operator-driven browsing capabilities are integrated in a single window–making the service exceptionally easy to use, the firm said.

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