Shoutmail Takes Messages Wireless Inc., a provider of Internet telephone tools for those on the move, Tuesday ported some of its services to wireless devices.

Shoutmail launched its site in June and has strategic alliances with Yahoo! (YHOO), Hotmail and America Online (AOL). It provides free e-mail, chat and telephony options to users via phone. With Tuesday’s announcement, the company offers e-mail and instant messaging services to those on wireless Internet-ready devices.

Shoutmail supports wireless application protocol devices, from which users can send and receive e-mail as well as participate in voice-based instant messages. Through a partnership with community site NetClubs, wireless users can check who is online from their clubs and send an instant voice message that streams to the recipient in a RealAudio format. NetClubs, a division of Valent Software, powers community areas for popular portal Lycos (LCOS).

In the future Shoutmail said it plans to expand its Internet phone services to include e-commerce. To provide the services, the company said it employs a patent-pending XML-based protocol to combine
the two communications tools.

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