SilverStream Software to Acquire eObject

SilverStream Software Inc. (SSSW) this week bought
eObject, a software developer
specializing in advanced rules-based personalization technologies.

SilverStream has agreed to acquire eObject for a purchase price of $23
million in SilverStream common stock. It is also obligated to make an
additional payment of $5 million of SilverStream common stock and/or cash
based on the occurrence of certain contingent events.

SilverStream Software plans to integrate eObject’s personalization
technology into the company’s soon-to-be announced Portal solution strategy.
This portal strategy will be a key part of SilverStream’s e-business

eObject’s personalization technology seeks to enable leading corporations
to create powerful one-to-one e-business interactions for customers, trading
partners, and employees. Personalized Web sites are more relevant and
meaningful to visitors, a statement released by SilverStream said. They also
help attract new customers and result in improved customer loyalty.

SilverStream’s soon-to-be elucidated portal solution will include “My
Yahoo” style. Due to the eObject acquisition it will also include advanced
rules-based personalization.

eObject’s rules-based personalization features accomplish several of
SilverStream’s objectives, according to SilverStream’s statement. It
eliminates the need for extensive programmer involvement by putting control
in the hands of the end user.

Although eObject has many predefined rules,
its rules-engine can be extended by any Java developer, thus allowing the
building of completely customized rules that can be tailored for a
particular business. Transactionally sensitive contextual personalization
enables the site to present pages dynamically assembled based on various

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