Spring Internet World “Best of Show” Winners Announced

The “Best of Show” winners were announced today at Spring Internet World.

Winners were determined by a panel of Internet World editors.

The awards are given to those exhibitors whose products or services meet the publication’s existing standards and contribute to the development of future Internet products and services.

Awards were handed out to exhibitors in the following categories:

  • Desktop Hardware and Software:
    Webforia for Webforia Organizer–Booth #1612

  • E-Commerce Application:
    Kurant for StoreSense Professional v2.6–Booth 2133

  • Infrastructure Hardware:
    Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. for MultiVOIP Voice/Fax Gateway–Booth 453

  • Internet Services:
    AT&T for Integrated Network Connection (INC) Service–Booth 1124

  • Networking/Server Software:

    Network Integrity for LiveVault–Booth 1612

  • Web Application Development Software:

    Cybelius Software for TouchMore! 2.0–Booth 2162

  • Web Site Software:
    Metacreations Corp. for Headline Studio 1.0–Booth 734

  • Workgroup Software:
    The docSpace Company, Inc. for docSpace Express 5.1–Booth 1612

  • Server Software:
    Network Integrity for LiveVault

For a look at the award’s guidelines, click here.

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